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we help you take your ideas and make them real!


No matter what your idea, you have to identify what is required to achieve the success you desire!

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Book Outline

If you want to write a book and you are not sure how to go about it, what is required, or what all the pieces are.... we can help you find the quickest path to your success.

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Business Plan

If you want to start a business and you are unsure of the things you need to do to make your business grow or the team required to make it happen.... we can help you create the map to your success.

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Film Production Company

If you went to create a film company, you need to discover what pieces are required, what structure is required and who will do what and when in order to achieve your desired result... a successful production company.

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Event Oversight & Planning

At one time or another, everyone needs to plan an event. Whether it is a party, a seminar, or a fundraiser, there are many parts that need to be identified, planned, staffed and executed.  We can help you map it all so that nothing gets missed and you hold a successful event.

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Here is what some of our Raving Fans are saying about using our service!

"I am so thankful to Lisa and her team. They introduced me to Mind Mapping several months ago. I was struggling to organize a large volume of complex data for my business and a charity project using Post-It notes and Microsoft Word. The more I wrote, the more confused I became. Within a matter of hours, Lisa helped me produce clear and effective visual maps of my ideas, goals, operations and projects. Mind Mapping helped turn my mental mess into a workable masterpiece. I am much more productive now thanks to Mind Mapping. My only regret is not hiring them sooner. If you are an entrepreneur or visionary working on a project, business or website, invest in a Mind Mapping consultation and tutorial with Lisa McCarthy."

Christa Scalies, RYT 200, CLYL Chief Inspiration Officer - Giggle On®

"As a company in its early stage of development, Three Squared needed to organize departments, tasks, roles and responsibilities in order to navigate efficiently through the huge growth spurts we have experienced over the past 8 months. By engaging Lisa McCarthy and her team, we were able to unscramble all our collective thoughts, tasks and goals into an organized and workable format that we all can follow and stay on the same page. In today’s corporate climate, we must use the best tools available to stay ahead of the curve and on-task to move Three Squared into its purpose and achieve the milestones we have set. Thank you Lisa for generating the most advanced and organized tool to help us define, set, monitor and achieve our goals—I say “Mission Accomplished”.

Leslie Horn, CEO - Three Squared, Inc

“How does someone say “WOW” as loud as they can?!” Lisa McCarthy was amazing in my first one hour session with her where she literally seemed to grasp what was on my mind AND even the things that weren’t on my mind to lay them out in a fast, easy convenient order. The power of mind mapping is amazing! AND, if you think you’ll just do it on your own –GOOD LUCK, because in the time it will take you to try to learn how to do it on your own, Lisa will have pages and pages done for YOU! She’s efficient, fast and pun intended “It’s Mind Boggling!” She’ll take the boggling out of it and lay what you and your business needs so it’s off your mind and onto paper! I highly recommend Lisa McCarthy to help you map out and organize your business components.”

Sue Lee, CEO EQ Media, Creator of “I Believe in Me!”

"Doing a mindmap with Lisa helped me finally get all of my ideas out of my head and onto a manageable platform.  I have continued to add to my mindmap which has helped me store future ideas and cut down on my insomnia.  The mindmap was a huge help when trying to convey to a web designer what all needed to be on my site.  I highly recommend this program to anyone that is visual, has a lot of ideas, needs to convey big vision to a team or has trouble staying organized... you'll be glad you did."  

Kasten Spethmann - Kasteva, LLC

"We often have a million ideas that are running through our heads on any given day. If you want them organized - contact Lisa McCarthy! If you want to make money with these ideas - contact Lisa! She can take your ideas, organize them... and turn them into reality- a real company. Through the process of building her company, she has acquired a very valuable tool box of skills to launch you to where your Dreams become REALITY! I highly recommend Lisa."

Dawn Bain - QVC Expert, Blue Dawn Marketing


Web Design


When you can see what you want to accomplish in a visual format then everyone can understand what, when, where, who, why and how you will accomplish your projects.



Creating your plans in a visual format, you are able to communicate without words so that anyone, anywhere can understand the components it will take to complete any project and a have great outcome.



Your clarity leads to success. When you can clearly describe your idea, then others can comprehend the goals and steps it takes to achieve your desired results and others can follow your lead.


Taking your ideas and making them real is what we do!

We work with you to create the map to your success by helping you identify all the parts of the business. It enables you to create a path that is comprehensive and breaks down all the functions of your business into small pieces which can be easily conveyed and achieved.

Breaking the business down into categories allows us to identify the necessary team, skills, and tasks required to achieve the overall objectives. Mind mapping is a visual aid that is very helpful and easy to understand and it creates the map to your success!

When you know all of the pieces of your project or business, you can convert the map into a business plan or executive summary, either in words or via the visual business plan. Since the information is based on your ideas you will be able to effectively communicate your plans and it will become your guide to success.

Knowing where you are going and your reasons for going there is essential for creating a path for your team to follow. It becomes much easier to communicate overall company goals per department in addition to the overall company message to anyone. The ability to have a complete understanding of your business strengthens your leadership and it can save hours of tedious writing and explaining. By identifying your overall goals, you have the ability to adjust what does or does not work so that you achieve success!