About Lisa McCarthy

Lisa McCarthy

Lisa McCarthy desires to provide a "safe haven" for up-and-coming inventors and entrepreneurs to come and get the guidance, mentorship, and support they need to turn their big ideas into a reality.

In response, she created "Make My Idea Real," a company that provides education, resources, and support for people who want to take their ideas from concept to commercialization.

Philosophy: Lisa believes that anyone with a creative idea that offers value deserves support in making it a reality. She believes we all have gifts to offer the world and it is our responsibility to share them.

Mission: Lisa's mission is to empower people to bring their ideas to life and make the world a better place through creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Skillset: Her skillsets include creative "out-of-the-box" thinking, inventing, communication, teaching, mentoring, and business management.

Product/Service: "Make My Idea Real" is her company that specializes in "Mind-Mapping," — a technique involving visualizing concepts and ideas to bring them to life. It's a system that helps organize thoughts into a collection of actionable steps ready for implementation.

In summary, Lisa's intense struggle with bringing her inventions to market caused her to develop a strong affinity for people who are in the same boat. This affinity inspired her to create "Make My Idea Real."

Lisa has a deep understanding of the pain points of her audience, allowing her to more effectively position herself as a credible authority and trusted voice in her industry. This is key to creating a deep connection to her audience and building a lasting brand.

Lisa has worked with many influential and prominent businesspeople and celebrities.

Take a look at some of the familiar faces!

Lisa McCarthy and speaker

Lisa with JJ Virgin, a prominent speaker, author, and coach!

Lisa  McCarthy with Micheal Beckwith

Lisa with minister and author Micheal Beckwith!

Stephen Covey and Lisa McCarthy

Lisa with American Educator Stephen Covey!

LuAn Mitchell and Lisa McCarthy

LuAn Mitchell and Lisa McCarthy at the Shark Tank Auditions!


Lisa with motivational author John Asseroff!

Lisa Nichols and Lisa McCarthy.jpg

Lisa with motivational speaker and author Lisa Nichols!

Lisa McCarthy and LuAn MItchell.jpg

Lisa and the incredible female entrepreneur LuAnn Mitchell!

Lisa McCarthy and Jack Canfield.jpg

Lisa with acclaimed author Jack Canfield!

Les Brown and Lisa McCarthy Podcast.jpg

Lisa with inspirational motivational speaker Les Brown!

Shark Tank JPG.jpg

Lisa at Shark Tank!

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